Welcome to Alpine Tech Academy

Please pay attention to the following points for participating in the exam:

The student must have completed the courses provided by certified Alpine Tech instructors in Iran. 

Having the device’s serial number is mandatory for participating in the exam. 

Please read and prepare your instructional materials properly before starting the exam. 

Each exam consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. To receive the certificate, you must answer at least 12 questions correctly. 

Only your first exam attempt will be validated. 

Please refrain from retaking the exam. 

Upon completing the exam, within 72 business hours, your results and outcome will be communicated to you through the  Alpine Tech. 

Upon passing the exam, your certificate will be delivered to the Alpine Tech representative in Iran via international mail within 30 days. 

Considering the mentioned points, to take the exam, please select your desired course below and start your exam by entering the device’s serial number.

Wishing you success..

Please select one of the courses below based on your training.

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