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Candela Diode Edition

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Candela Diode Edition

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AlpineTech, which was founded 2015 in Great Britain and is currently present in the UK, UAE, Turkey, China, Russia, and Iran, is the leading supplier of aesthetic laser devices and support services to independent clinics worldwide.

We are more than just a manufacturer of popular laser products. Additionally, we assist you in expanding your clinic to its greatest potential.

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Rado Plus

The Rado Plus laser device, version 2022, has 3 wavelengths; Alex, Diode, and ND:YAG, which furthermore can remove unwanted hair for all skin types.

The linear laser bar of this device has 10 lines of 120 W which results in an output power of 1200 W.

Unique Properties of the Device:

  • The ability to remove unwanted hair for all skin types.
  • No pain or burns due to the cooling systems of TEC and Continuous Cooling.
  • Laser bar made by the famous American company Coherent Inc.
  • The ability to work continuously for 24 hours without any technical failures.
  • Very high speed with the use of FHR and a large size spot.
  • Due to the handpiece of ergonomic design, a smart user menu, and a foot pedal, it has satisfied the majority of experienced operators.

Candela Diode Edition

Improve your business with the top laser hair removal technology, as selected by professionals world wide.

To treat many targets, you don’t need to purchase additional lasers. The Candela Diode Edition is only provided by Alpine Tech with Diode wavelength features. It’s ideal for people with tawny skin type


Unique Properties of the Device:

• The lowest failure rate when compared to Alex/NDYAG Version:
• Special version of Diode Candela 
• A distinctive separate cooling system is present (air cooling).
• 2000 W output power.
• 8–18 mm-wide spots.
• A skin-free handpiece.